2023 Street Restraint Class

Special class: street style self defence and restraint. 6 May, 1:00pm at the dojo.

This year’s class will be a little different again from past years in that it will focus on the use of Yoshinkan Aikido techniques in a pre-emptive manner. In this we will use Yoshinkan Aikido techniques in an applied manner to initiate the interaction before it escalates – to control a situation and restrain an opponent before they make the first move.

The techniques you will practice in this class are much like the way in which the Tokyo Metro and Riot Police (and other law enforcement agencies or security guards) apply Yoshinkan Aikido basic techniques (kihon waza) for their purposes.

Like last year, it will have a gi and no gi component again too. I hope you enjoy the class!

Limited numbers, so book now as spots are running out. Limited numbers, so book now as spots are running out. REGISTER HERE.

Don’t miss out!

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