scan216Gozo Shioda, the “little giant” of Aikido, named for his diminutive height and formidable technical ability, was one of the most outstanding teachers of Aikido, living or pasted.

Like so many other martial arts masters of Aikido, Shioda Sensei began his bud training as a youth with Judo and Kendo, finally discovering Aikido as a young university student. He entered the Kobukan Dojo in Tokyo in 1932, where he studied for eight years with Ueshiba Sensei (O’Sensei), founder of Aikido, until World War II interrupted his training.

When Shioda sensei became a student of Ueshiba Sensei, aikido was still in its formative stages and was then called Aiki Budo. The character of the techniques and the manner of their execution still bore the marks of the Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu curriculum, which O Sensei had learned. This was a forceful, martial style of aiki jujutsu, concerned primarily with the efficiency and effectiveness of technique in combat.

scan210Practice at that time reflected this spirit and was hard, fast and relentless. Shioda Sensei revelled in this form of practice and it undoubtedly influenced the nature of the training methods he put into place at his own school.

In 1954, after giving a demonstration at an exhibition of martial arts, Shioda sensei gained financial backing to found a dojo in Tokyo. He named it the Yoshinkan Dojo, which means “to cultivate mind and spirit”. Yoshinkan Aikido has become one of the largest aikido organisations with branches throughout the world.

Shioda sensei’s style of aikido is what he considered to be a faithful rendering of the pre-war Aiki Budo techniques which he learned first hand from Ueshiba, then at his technical peak. They are therefore much more combat oriented than some modern aikido styles, although the spiritual goals remain the same. Shioda Sensei, a man of unique personal spirit, lived the true budo life, until his death in 1997. Many noted him as Japan’s last true budoka.

The Yoshinkan remains true to the tradition of Ueshiba’s famous Jigoku Dojo (Hell Dojo), and provides an aikido with dynamic realism well suited to the needs of self protection and the discipline of the spirit.


SenseiBokkenMichiharu Mori Sensei, 8th Dan Shihan, was a direct student of the late Master Gozo Shioda for years at the International Yoshinkan Aikido Headquarters in Tolkyo, Japan, where he also taught.

The youngest Honbu instructor to receive the rank of 8th dan black belt, Mori Sensei has travelled extensively as a guest instructor at Aikido seminars in countries including Canada, India, Malta and Australia. Now settled in Brisbane, Australia he is developing a high quality, world class centre for Yoshinkan Aikido.

Mori Sensei is recognised worldwide by the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation (IYAF) and maintains a direct link with the Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan.

Teaching experience includes:

  • Qld. state police – Australia
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police – Japan
  • Metropolitan Riot Police – Japan
  • Commando and Special Forces
  • General Public – Adults and Children
  • International Seminars and Clinics

For more information on Mori Sensei’s life as a 10 year live in student (Uchi Deshi) under Gozo Shioda Sensei at the Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo, please click here.

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Does Yoshinkan Aikido work in real-life self defence situations?

Absolutely. Yes. 100%.  The internet is full of trolls who like to snipe from the comfort of their arm chairs about how Aikido is non-competitive or how our training regimen doesn’t include competition sparring.  The truth is they are welcome to take a class and learn first hand the expediency and efficiency of the Yoshinkan system.

Also, did you know, Aikido is the ONLY REQUIRED BLACK BELT for all riot police officers in the Tokyo Riot Police Squad. Moreover, all female members of the regular Tokyo metropolitan police force must train in Yoshinkan Aikido, the self defence and tactics training for corrections officers around the world is often based on Yoshinkan Aikido, and members of Queensland police force often train in Yoshinkan Aikido.