Instructor to Tokyo Metro and Riot Police Michiharu Mori Shihan’s (8th Dan) self-defence class at the headquarters in Brisbane 23 November.

Register at the Sunshine Coast Dojo for your place – $20 for class with bbq afterwards.


Yoshinkan_SymbolThe AikiKids class for Term 1, 2020 is open for enrolment.

If you are interested in your child training in Term 1 of 2020, please enquire at the dojo now as there are ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT!



NOVEMBER: Grading training will commence for Novemeber on the 21 November and run until the 30 November. Shinsa will be conducted on that Saturday 30 November . This will be a Getsurei Shinsa where regular Kyu and step gradings may take place.

DECEMBER: Grading training will commence for December on the 7th and run until the 21 December. Shinsa will be conducted on that Saturday 21 December . This will be a Sogo Shinsa where regular Kyu and significant Kyu/Dan gradings may take place.

  • Don’t forget to register with Sensei no later than the Thursday before the grading.
  • Don’t forget to check the calendar for the dojo holiday date. 


this will be held at the end of term 4 on the final class in December – 14th.

Students will know whether they are eligible to grade one week prior to grading

End of year demonstration & Christmas Break-up


Straight after December Sogo Shinsa is the ‘End of Year Black Belt Demonstration’. All Black Belts will do a demonstration for students and family (not general public) – a collective weapon demonstration and an individual jyuuwaza demonstration.

Immediately after these two events will be the Christmas Break-up at Happy Valley. All students and family members are welcome to attend – I look forward to seeing students and families from both adults and AikiKids classes there to celebrate their year of training together!


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