Aiki Insights Episode 21

The conversation continues about Yoshinkan Aikido and martial arts more broadly. This episode is Part 3 of our series on the principle of CONNECTION. In it we explore the role of connection in the application of the shomen iriminage technique when an opponent grabs with both hands, irrespective of where the opponent grabs.
1. Opening discussion about the usual places an opponent might grab when engaging in grappling conflict.: 01:00
2. Discussion and explanation of the importance of basic movement Shumatsu Dosa 2, and the role of connection in the training of this: 02:00
3. Discussion, demonstration and explanation of the relationship between basic movement Shumatsu Dosa 2 handwork, basic movement Tai no Henko 1 footwork, and the principle connection in the Ryote Mochi Shomen Iriminage 1 technique.
4. Demonstration of variations of the same technique against any grabs by both hands – sleeve, lapel and wrist – by applying the same principles: 07:00
5. Demonstration and discussion of the importance of the fourth point of connection through the head: 09:00

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