Aiki Insights episode 18

This episode is Part 10 of a series on the principle of irimi (entering). In it we explore the role of irimi in defending the lapel/shoulder grab (kata mochi) as a precursor to being punched:

  1. Further discussion of the principle of irimi and the counterintuitive nature of applying it: 00:20
  2. Exploration of the role of irimi in the application of irimi zuki, and the mechanics and the timing of the technique: 02:00
  3. Pressure testing the technique with full intention and permission given to uke to grab and punch shite with full force: 03:00
  4. Exploration of post irimi zuki options (if uke not unconscious) – 2 armbar options: 03:30

In these videos we aim to explore all things Aiki in a budo sense and delve into the concepts and principles that make this style of aikido such an effective martial art for self defence and self development.

The presenters are Ryan Slavin (5 Dan Yoshinkan Aikido, Shintō Muso Ryū Mokuroku, 2nd Dan Jidokwan Tae Kwon Do) and Lawrence Monforte (4 Dan Yoshinkan Aikido). Between the presenters they possess over three decades of martial arts experience. Both presenters are students of Mori Michiharu Shihan – the last uchideshi of Master Gozo Shioda (Kancho Sensei), the founder of Yoshinkan and direct student of O’Sensei.

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