Reflections of the 2019 Brisbane Demonstration

Looking back on the experience makes me think of aiki-waza. I only see what happens on the outside of the Gi. A slight shift in Shite and Uke goes flying through the air. What happens inside the Gi, for me, like most of us is still a mystery. On the outside of the Gi, Amelia and I worked to demonstrate a series of self-defence techniques. On the inside of the Gi was a much bigger event. There was the collaboration of ideas in the initial development. Not just between Amelia and myself but Amelia and her family, who were very happy to think of ways to make Uke suffer. There was the watchful eye of Sensei Ryan keeping us mindful of authenticity and rhythm. The reassuring looks from other students saying. “I’m glad it’s you and not me.” Did not go unnoticed.   After the event it was the shine in Amelia’s parent’s eyes, the smiles and the warm congratulating handshakes from the Brisbane Dojo members. Particularly the congrats from Aubrey’s sons gave me a sense of being part of something much bigger. Thank you.



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