The Journey to Nidan

coffeeThe journey to Nidan for me has been quite a few years. You would think by now I have a good grip on things. Ha! Aikido humour, Get it? Grip…Never mind.

Now after the dust has settled I can look back and feel this has been a great moment in my Aikido journey. Yet as an individual moment, it pales in comparison to the unexpected lesson that has had more an impact on my practice than becoming Nidan.

Let us go back in time. Que strange music and visual effects.

It is the morning of the grading. Feeling ready and confident in my abilities. My nerves in check I moved towards my goal. “I got this.”

I had asked to be Jacob’s Uke for his Important Shodan grading. The second Shodan of “The Originals”. (Students who started their Aikido journey with Sensei Ryan.)

Sensei calls us up and Jacob calls out the words “Sensei ni Rei!”

Jacob finishes his first technique. I thought to myself “That was very good. Glad I don’t have to…” My thought cut short by Sensei calling the words “Shite Uke kotai”

The lesson that I have heard repeatedly came flying in to kneecap me and drop me on my ASSumptions.

‘Only from good Uke can you become good Shite.’

As Jacob’s Uke I was unprepared and with nowhere to hide.  What was only just a few minutes for everyone was an ego crushing eternity for me. Jacob being Jacob was unaffected, unfazed not even a hair out of place. He performed brilliantly despite my mistakes.

Sitting waiting for my turn to grade all I could think about were my mistakes. Just like Uke stunned and put off balance by an atemi just before being smashed to the mat. My fate awaited me.

Sorry too dramatic lets tone it down.

The truth is I look back on that day and think of how perfect it was. Don’t get me wrong I still cringe at not being a good uke for such an important occasion. However, it was perfect timing. Just as I am about to reach a higher level I am humbled.

“Your best teacher is your last mistake.”

In finishing, I look forward to all the wonderful mistakes to come.


John de Vries

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